Follow a shortcut path that’ll help you achieve your business goals by taking consistent, bite-sized actions in your own time.

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✋ It's time to stop sacrificing all your free time, waking up at the crack of dawn or overworking yourself to exhaustion.

There’s a better way to become a productive entrepreneur with a thriving online business… keep reading to learn how.

Listen, I get it - you’ve probably heard (and maybe even tried) these productivity ‘tips’ before…

Eliminate all distractions… even though this isn’t really realistic when you have a family, a job, health challenges, pets etc.

 Follow and stick to the same schedule each day… which limits your abilities to adapt to sudden changes

Hustle harder and work longer hours so that you can get more done… 🙄 yeah no thanks – I’d rather work LESS

Recognize any of these?

You’re not alone!

But here’s the thing…

Productivity isn’t a destination that you can simply reach and be done with… it’s a journey.

And the goal isn’t to ‘become the most productive person ever’… it’s to make small improvements over time and embrace your growth along the way.

Because wouldn't it be amazing if you could just…

Create an environment that maximizes your focus while still being present for the things that matter to you most

Maintain control of your schedule while being equipped to adjust to unexpected situations or new incoming plans

Effortlessly get more of the right tasks done in your little time, without needing to wake up at 5AM each day

This is all possible for you.


Your shortcut path towards increased productivity

The exact method that’ll help you achieve your business goals by taking consistent, bite-sized actions in your own time.

Welcome to the

Productive Entrepreneurs Club

Transform your productivity with manageable strategies designed to help you make small changes that add up to BIG results.

Only $7/month – cancel anytime!

What Others Have Said About My Trainings:

As a member of the Productive Entrepreneurs Club...

You’ll get exactly what you need to start taking consistent, bite-sized actions towards getting more productive and here’s how:

The Efficiency Formula Course: Achieve More with Less Effort

Gradually increase your productivity with digestible steps using the P.O.R. Method that will have a ripple effect on your productivity across all areas of your business, beyond the monthly challenges.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside with the P.O.R. Method:

You’ll get instant access to this membership-exclusive, video-based course (with captions) course, along with supporting worksheets, templates and resources that walk you through my P.O.R. Method.

Here’s sneak peek at the bonus resources waiting inside:

Strategic Planning Workbook + Priority Matrix

SOP Template (Google Docs + Trello Board)

Digital Organization Kickstart Assessment

Goal Planner

Planning System Mind Map

Habit Trackers

Cancel anytime!

But we're just getting started. 👏🏼

In addition to the The Efficiency Formula Course, you’ll also get extra support and resources to help you maximize your productivity to achieve greater results in less time.

Weekly Motivational Pep Talks

Begin each week on a positive note and feel inspired to take action towards achieving your goals via a short and sweet motivational pep talk delivered straight to your podcast app every Monday.

>> You’ll get a weekly dose of positivity centered around inspirational business quotes to help you overcome mindset obstacles (a member favorite!).

Mini Optimizers Library

Optimize a specific process in 10 minutes or less with bite-sized tutorial hacks.

>> Instant access to this ever-growing library to help you jump in and achieve a quick win asap. 1-2 new mini optimizers are added monthly!

Invite to The Productive Lounge (Members-Only)

Get support to ensure you actually get the most out of the membership and avoid getting stuck. You even get the opportunity to win prizes just for participating each month. 😉

>> You’ll be part of a community where you can ask questions, share your progress and get feedback alongside your peers.

Plus extra support and community engagement:

Transform your productivity with manageable strategies designed to help you make small changes that add up to BIG results.

Join the Productive Entrepreneurs Club today!


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What past students are saying about my trainings…

The Productive Entrepreneurs Club was created to help two types of online entrepreneurs:


The beginner business owner who wants to improve their productivity, but doesn’t know where to start.


The overwhelmed business owner that wants to shift away from the constant hustle to a more manageable approach.

If one of these sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Just in case we haven't met...

Heyyy, I’m Lucy! 👋🏼

I’m obsessed with all things productivity and I help online entrepreneurs like you make the most out of their little time when scaling their online business.

Being a business owner means we have A LOT on our plates (and our to-do list), but after discovering how much productivity truly impacts everything we do, it’s literally changed the way I manage my entire business (and life).

And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be playing Mario Party mini games with the fam than having to go back to do forgotten tasks or not being able to finish my tasks at all. 😅

That’s why I’ve bottled up these strategies inside the Productive Entrepreneurs Club, so that you can increase your productivity and grow your business too.

Have a question? Let’s get you an answer!

Everything. 🤩 Once you join, you’ll receive an invitation to join the members-only community which is hosted inside of Heartbeat.

Once inside, you’ll find the Efficiency Formula course, the Mini Optimizers Library and community spaces and 

You’ll also receive your unique private podcast link for the Weekly Motivational Pep Talks with over 30 episodes available for you to binge!

You’ll have access to the membership resources as long as you’re a member.

As a member of the Productive Entrepreneurs Club, you’ll be welcomed into our members-only community – The Productive Lounge where you can ask questions, find networking opportunities and accountability buddies.

We’ll also have monthly Voxer Office Hours where you can privately chat with me in a 1:1 text or audio format.

The core content and community of the membership are hosted inside of the Heartbeat platform. This allows us to have more customization over the community organization and features available to all members. 

Don’t worry – we’ll have tutorials to get you set up with ease on both desktop and the mobile app. 

The Mini Optimizers may include teaching a specific platform or tool, but the concept will be the same across most similar platforms.

The strategies taught inside The Efficiency Formula Course don’t require any specific tech and can be implemented with what you’re currently using.

Yes, you can cancel the membership any time and will go into effect for the next billing period.

You’ll have access to the ‘cancel’ button at all times so that you can easily leave anytime. No need to send me an email and then anxiously wait for us to get to it and cancel on time. Nope. You’ll have full control of your account.

Yup. If you jump in and don’t feel equipped to make gradual improvements on your productivity, send us an email within 7 days of your purchase to get your money back.

No problem. Send me a message via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner with your question for the quickest reply. 

Ready to transform your productivity with manageable strategies designed to help you make small changes that add up to BIG results?


Cancel anytime!

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