Ready to implement alllll those courses that you've gotten access to?

Here's a simple, repeatable method to go from inaction to results. 🙌🏼

You want to get the transformation promised on those beautiful sales pages but the problem is you're...

Don’t worry. I have a super simple approach that’ll make taking action on ANY course easy peasy — keep on reading! 😉



A mini course to help you finish ANY course, take action on what you’ve learned and accelerate your growth! 🙌🏼

With Course Implementation Ninja you’ll be able to:

Here’s what we’re covering inside of Course Implementation Ninja:

And we cover it all in under an hour so you can dive into getting your next course implemented as efficiently as possible.

And the best part? You can get it for just $9! 🤯

And to make it even easier for you…

You’ll also receive these special bonuses inside of Course Implementation Ninja. 🤩


Course Commitment Workbook

A short, 4-pg workbook to help you gain clarity and focus on your course implementation goals.


Course Implementation Ninja Checklist

A quick reference checklist to serve as a visual reminder that’ll guide you through the course implementation journey.


Heyyy, I’m Lucy!

I’m a Productivity Strategist and I loveee finding new ways to help you achieve more in less time with creative solutions and systems (including finally tackling that course that’s been collecting dust 🤫).

Being a business owner means we have A LOT on our plates (and our to-do list), which means we need to make the most out of everything that we do in our little time.

And I don’t know about you, but I enjoy hanging out on the couch playing Mario Party mini games with the fam resting easy knowing I’ve learned and implemented something new. 🙌🏼

That’s why I’ve bottled up a simple, repeatable method to help you implement ANY course with ease and accelerate your growth. 📈

You might be wondering…

Going through Course Implementation Ninja itself will take under an hour. I kept it short and sweet so you can dive straight into course implementation mode. 😎

The time it’ll take you to implement each course depends on the course itself, but you’ll have learned the simple strategies to ensure that actually happens.

I totally get it! But as an avid learner and efficient implementer, I’ve learned a simple and repeatable method that can keep you focused and motivated to achieving the end result (aka the course promise you aspire).

Inside Course Implementation Ninja, you’ll learn a new way that’ll make implementing courses easy and fun. 🤩

Nope. The course is mostly strategy and designed to be flexible and adaptable so that you replicate it for any course you wish to implement.

However, I do recommend using a project management tool of your choice to help you stay organized and track your progress effectively, but it isn’t something we’ll be covering in this mini course.

Nope. This offer is about helping you go through and take action on / implement courses you already have access to. 

Ever thought to yourself, “I need to go through the courses I already have before getting a new one,” but then aren’t sure where to start? 

Yeah, this helps with that. 😉

You will have access for the entire lifetime of the course.

If you jump in and don’t feel you’ve learned anything new, send us an email within 7 days of your purchase to get your money back.

If you have any other questions, simply reply to the bubble on the bottom-right corner for the quickest reply. 😊

Ready to become a course implementation ninja?


It’s time to take action and see real progress in your course implementation journey. It’ll be simple, repeatable and fun – I’ll show you how!

One-time payment – yes, really!

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