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Hey overwhelmed, solopreneur bloggers, content and digital product creators…overwhelm is costing you time and money.

You can save 7+ hours a week, increase profits and effectively plan #alltheRIGHTthings...

even if you’re struggling to stay focused.

There comes a point in your entrepreneur journey where it gets harder to keep up with all the moving pieces your business needs to grow…

I’ve been there. But there’s something you should know….

Increased productivity increases your profits.

Here’s why:


Feeling overwhelmed impacts your amount of focus and motivation to get tasks done.

When this happens, you’re increasing the overall cost of that task which cuts into your profits (think of it as if you were paying a VA by the hour).

And remember…


By getting more done in less time, it decreases your operational costs which means more money in your pocket. Cha-ching!

This is why getting organized and implementing strategic systems for your biz is so important!

But right now, there just isn’t enough room in your planner to schedule alllll the things you need to do to scale your online business.

You need an easy, inexpensive, and uncomplicated project management system that gives you control of your time, focus and energy.

This is exactly how Level Up Your Biz with Trello can help!

(Payment plan available)

“For your sanity DO IT! You will feel so much less overwhelmed and your brain and business will thank you for it."

I loved how clear they were to understand and inject my ideas into. I feel so much less overwhelmed by having your Trello boards nicely separated out to put my ideas into easily.

I’m not trying to jump from 100 different things especially when running a business and starting a course, I can now clearly separate it out. It was SO nice to have them done for me. If this wasn’t done, I would have never started using Trello like I should.

– Remi Gutteridge

Project management tools can feel like a bit much for a solopreneur like you as they…

Maybe you’ve even tested the prettier one out of the mix, Trello, and even that visual system looked messy and didn’t “click” with your brain.

(Spoiler alert… I didn’t get along with Trello at first either).

So for now… you’ve been largely living out of the Notes app on your phone but…

At the end of the day, you know in your gut that you can’t continue on like this for much longer.

Because here’s the thing… 

Without an organized system, you’re missing out on an essential piece that’s critical for your biz growth and for your own sanity too.

Here’s what you can achieve with Level Up Your Biz with Trello:

All while allowing flexibility in your planning for when unexpected events in your life happen and how to get back on track.

So let’s make that happen for you, shall we? 

But first, I want you to know that there’s a difference between a system and a strategic system.

Anyone can put together a cute little “system” but if there’s no real strategy behind it, it’ll fall short to helping you actually get things done consistently

Here are the core essentials you need to get organized and level up your productivity in less time:

A centralized platform to use as your ultimate organization hub

Think of this as your go-to digital space that beholds everything and anything related to your biz.

(Sorry Notes app… this isn’t you!)

Simplified methods and strategies to streamline profits

No more overscheduling or underestimating when planning and scheduling your online biz projects and tasks.

(Bye-bye to those feelings of discouragement.)

Customizable resources to help you stay consistent

You’re already lacking the time so why bother starting systems from scratch if you don’t have to?

(Let templates do the heavy lifting for you.)

These essentials can lead you away from the overwhelmed, disorganized path and towards the path of increased biz profitability.

They’re also the foundation of what I’m about to share with you.

What others have said about my strategic systems:

Hey hey – Lucy here!

“How do you do it all?” is a question I get asked allllll the time, and get told that “you make it look easy.”

However, effective time management is the real and only way I manage to run two online businesses as a mompreneur of a toddler and pre-teen.

Life is busy and at times pretty chaotic, but that doesn’t get in the way of my online biz.

And let me tell you my friend… 

Being an entrepreneur is definitely NOT EASY, and my secret sauce lies in being intentional and efficient with my time.

Having strategic systems allow you to be more productive, more organized and more focused overall.

That’s why I’m so excited about everything inside of Level Up Your Biz with Trello!

We’ll go through 3 actionable phases to help you get your strategic systems implemented with ease! 🙌🏼

These simple yet powerful phases will help you get to your end goal by teaching you how to:

No more feeling overwhelmed by your intimidating to-do list and digital clutter.
Instead, you’ll have a brag-worthy system that fits YOUR biz and works for YOUR brain.

(It’ll be SO GOOD that even your future VA or team member will be impressed and think you’ve always been an organization pro! 😉)

Want a sneak peek inside? 👀

Let’s take a look at what makes Level Up Your Biz with Trello
a game-changer for your biz ⬇️



First, you’ll understand the solid foundation that’ll set you up for a seamless implementation.

You’ll have a clear roadmap and the essential knowledge that’s going to streamline your workflows, enhance your efficiency, and reduce your overwhelm.



Level up your online business by implementing CEO-level organization techniques that will pave the way for massive success.

You’ll have optimized, strategic systems to enhance your task management and save time – – no more working in chaos in a workspace that looks like a hot mess.



Take your systems to the next level, optimize your organization experience and maximize your productivity.

You’ll know the effective strategies that align your schedule with your goals and ensure you’re staying true to your priorities.


Trello Templates

Receive 15 detailed, plug-and-play, strategic Trello templates to avoid having to create them yourself from scratch.

(Click the arrows for more details)

Outline your objectives, goals, promotions and more for the year for easy reference as you plan and schedule your projects each month.

Create your CEO command center & give your biz structure! Plus, store all your key biz information in one dedicated place.

Steal my SEO-optimized blog post workflow so that you can stop forgetting the little tasks and plan your blog post deadlines accordingly.

Build your own “feel good” board filled with testimonials, customer and client love notes that you can use as social proof to help boost your credibility (plus a little motivation).

Discover a new method that’ll help you keep track of your course progress so that you can stop leaving courses unfinished.

Map out your entire course outline and detailed tasks so that you can get it done with ease using this rinse-and-repeat system.

Organize all your courses and downloads to create your own little course library that you can reference easily.

Create detailed and thorough to-do lists for medium-to-big projects in a way that’ll actually help you finish it by the deadline.

Schedule your weekly newsletters, store email swipes, create your email funnel workflows and more inside this centralized email marketing hub.

Manage your Facebook group and boost engagement with ease by storing all your group essentials inside this central hub.

Grow your account and please the IG Gods by planning your content in a strategic way that makes it easy to post consistently without burning out.

Overcome the squirrel-syndrome that makes you hop around from task to task even if it’s not a priority because of the fear that “you might forget” to do it later on.

Learn how to combine pin batching and manual scheduling so that you can create pins and drive traffic to your blog or website daily.

Improve your messaging by gathering and storing market research from your ideal audience into one consolidated hub.

Ditch the paper planner clutter and transition to the new age digital planning that allows you to get super detailed and specific, yet providing the flexibility your schedule needs.

You’ll have shortcut templates that’ll drastically cut down your strategic system implementation time and do the heavy-lifting for you.

And these, my friend, are what I like to call “strategic systems.” 😉

A Top Favorite: 

Course Completion Tracker

“I found myself in a position where I wasn’t completing courses because I was enrolled in so many. Now I can clearly look over them and log back in.” – Remi G.

A Top Favorite: 

Weekly Planning

“It’s so much more practical and less overwhelming than having a to-do list with a million items on it that never get done.” – Sasha H.

A Top Favorite: 

Instagram Content Planner

“It is beautiful and it is so much better than my disorganized notes file that I’ve been using on this phone. I never thought to use Trello for social media, but it makes so much sense. You’ve opened my eyes to this!” – Tia P.

A Top Favorite: 

Blog Post Workflow

“Lucy has gone into great depth and detail by sharing with us specific workflow processes like the steps needed to effectively write a blog post. You will be picking up nuggets of wisdom and insights to streamline your work processes, focus on important and relevant tasks, and, therefore, improve your productivity in running your online business!” – Faith Lee

Not only will you get instant access to the strategic Trello systems that will level up your online biz within the week...

But here’s what truly sets this program apart:

I preach what I teach, so you’ll get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of my own Trello board systems to help you understand how they function together and get inspired by seeing them in action.

Receive specific action-oriented homework to help you implement and customize each Trello board template to suit your own biz needs.

Share your feedback, wins and thoughts upon completing each module to hold you accountable and celebrate with you!

The best part is you’ll have direct access to me (Lucy), via a private, student-only community to get all your questions answered,, request feedback and connect with other students.

This program is so much more than Trello templates. While the templates do make it super darn easy for you to implement each strategic system within the day, they’re just the cherry on top!

"Lucy's course gave me clear direction."

I loved how easy everything was to follow. I previously found Trello really overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start, but Lucy’s course gave me clear direction and I’m using it much more than I used to.

It’s so easy to find everything. To get organized and it’s worth taking the time to do it because ultimately the business runs so much smoother as a result. This course is more than Trello templates. It’s Lucy’s advice and strategic thinking. Click that button and buy.

– Elaine Walsh

And to make sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need to begin leveling up your biz – no matter how experienced you are with Trello, you’ll also receive a suite of “sweet” bonuses. (😆)

The Bonus Suite

Here’s 6 bonuses to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the system creation process.


Private, Student-Only Community

Join an exclusive, premium community only for my Level Up Your Biz with Trello students to receive ongoing support and feedback as you progress through the program.


Trello Tech Vault

Get access to over 25+ bite-sized trainings that’ll show you the most impactful Trello features that can boost your productivity and keep your biz organized.


Trello Hidden Gems

Discover cool Trello tricks you didn’t know existed that help keep you motivated to finish your projects, show you easier ways to complete certain tasks and more.


Card Cover Canva Templates

Beautify your Trello boards and make it easier to identify important cards within each system by using these easy-to-customize Trello card template covers.


Implementation Playbook

Take action with this strategic workbook that includes brain dump exercise prompts and step-by-step action items per system to make it super darn easy for you to implement these Trello template systems. 


Private Audio Feed

Repetition is key when learning something new. Download on your podcast app and listen on-the-go while consuming the strategies in a stress-free learning environment.

All of this is waiting for you inside of Level Up Your Biz with Trello!

Listen to these real results from past students 👏

"When you are finished, you have a firm planning strategy and know exactly how to organize the most complicated pieces of an online business."

As someone who can get overwhelmed with ALL the things I have to do running multiple writing businesses, I needed a solid strategy and process that reduced those feelings of being overwhelmed. I’ve become more efficient at getting more things done despite the fact that I have less time. Don’t hesitate. Buy the course to be more productive.

  • – Heather Ritchie

“I’m so much more focused and can actually look back and see what I accomplished."

This course is so much more than just templates. It is a system and a workflow to organize your business. The style also helps you develop systems you may not have had before that will make you way more productive! I went through the whole course today and was able to work along and organize multiple new workspaces AND I scheduled and completed a pretty important task with 8 steps!

– Megan Ehrlich

And is exactly how Level Up Your Biz with Trello will help

(Payment plan available)

“WOW. I am absolutely blown away by Lucy's Level Up Your Biz With Trello course!"

The truth is, this isn’t the first Trello course that I have come across. In fact, I have gone through at least two similar trainings but the outcome was the same — I wasn’t convinced that Trello would help me increase productivity and efficiency in my day to day business routine.

I found Trello to be difficult to use and felt that I would be spending more time figuring things out on Trello than actually getting things done. Therefore, I still stuck with planning using my good ol’ physical planner.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with the lack of time, is overwhelmed with the endless lists of tasks in running an online business, and anyone who wants to do more and earn more with less fuss and less stress!

– Faith Lee

Still not sure if Level Up Your Biz with Trello is right for you? Let’s level (😉) and see if we’re a match!

Level Up Your Biz with Trello is the perfect fit for you if…

On the other hand, this isn’t for you if…

But to become a Level Up Your Biz with Trello success story, here are some boxes you’ll want to check off:

If you're still here, that means you really want to get your biz organized and be more productive, but just don’t seem to have enough hours in your day to get everything done.

"It provided a way to keep all aspects of my business organized in one place."

Even if you feel that you’re pretty organized, you’ll definitely learn something from this course that will help you improve your current organizational system—especially if you’ve never used Trello and don’t know its functionalities. I loved that the course included additional resources and also gave details about the various aspects of a blogging business.

– Sacha Hashim

And now for a more formal meet-and-greet…

Heyyy, I’m Lucy!

I’m the mompreneur behind the Cheers to Blogging brand and it’s so great to virtually meet you!

If we were chatting it up in person, you’d quickly learn about my secret Crumbl cookie Date Night Mondays with my hubby after the kids have gone to sleep (shh – yeah, we both have a sweet tooth problem LOL).

But on the weekends, you’d find me cheering above everyone else from the sidelines at my son’s soccer game, only to come home and take over the win in every Mario Party minigame later the same day (what can I say, we’re all competitive-natured 😅).

All in all, my family is the reason why I do what I do and I thank God everyday for making this my calling.

More importantly, I’m the super passionate creator behind Level Up Your Biz with Trello. 💕

Over here in my world – I’m the go-to chica for all things productivity… and I’m so honored that you found your way over here today.

But I’ll be honest and admit that it wasn’t always this way.

Over the years, I’ve had to carry a lot of weight on my shoulders just as most online biz owners do.

Only to find out that there is soooo much more to being an online entrepreneur than I had expected. I mean, I was NOT prepared to #doallthethings. (I get exhausted just thinking about it all.)

Thankfully, I overcame the “I don’t have time” struggle and crafted an incredible, strategic system that allows me to be mindfully present with my kids and do the things I WANT, while juggling my multi-online biz.

And I want to help you do the same!

I’m determined to help you boost your productivity with an organized biz that’ll allow you to remain laser-focused on achieving your biz goals in less time and without the overwhelm.

Have questions? Let’s get you answers!

Oof. I’m not tech savvy either and the tech gremlins always seem to be after me.

Thankfully, I’ve already battled them all off and have created a tutorial system that makes it super easy for you to get set up and be on your way.

You don’t need to be tech savvy to implement these systems. The Trello boards are plug-and-play and each come with a thorough walkthrough training, along with the Trello Tech Vault bonus with over 25 bite-sized videos to simplify the tech part of Trello.

LOLL.. I laugh because it literally took me three tries to finallyyy “get” Trello and fall in love with all its charm.

In the beginning, it just looked so overwhelming and honestly a bit messy, and starting from a blank slate did NOT make using it fun.

But after lots of trial-and-error, I’ve created and tested strategic systems that not only work for me, but have worked for other students who also tried Trello previously and it wasn’t until they took my course that they started seeing the results and improvement in their time management.

You can be sure that I’ve cut out the Trello fluff you don’t really need to know and made the trainings and templates as thorough as possible, so that you don’t need to waste time trying to “figure it out” on your own.

Totally. As a Productivity Strategist, I strongly believe that our time is precious.

And look, I’m a mama of two, running two online businesses from home so I know first hand how limited our time is.

That’s exactly why I created Level Up Your Biz with Trello.

The whole goal of this course is to give you back time, starting from the moment you implement one of the Trello board systems.

All video lessons are either bite-sized tutorials or no more than 45 minutes for each strategic system training.

And don’t worry. I’ll provide you with a clear path of where to start, and which lessons to start with first. From there, you get to pick and choose the Trello system you want to implement in your biz at any point in time.

Nope! Although there is a Premium account option available (and sadly no affiliate program), all the methods I teach inside of Level Up Your Biz with Trello can be done using the free account.

In fact, I even teach you a secret tip that’ll prevent you from needing to upgrade once you reach the Trello board limit per workspace.

Just like anything else, you’ll first need to get into the habit of actually using Trello.

For that reason, I don’t recommend you try to implement each system in one-go, and is also why I’ve created the program to be more of a buffet-style that you can pick and choose from.

All the boards will be waiting for you inside once you do need them thanks to your lifetime access to the course.

And for the ones you feel like you never will, you can more than likely repurpose that system into something that does work for your biz.

I feel you and I got you.

You might be like me… someone who thrives when they’re free to ask questions as they learn and implement something new. (That may actually explain why I’m in several coaching programs myself LOL).

But that’s exactly why I decided to add the beta, student-only community – to give you additional support as you go through and begin creating your strategic systems for your biz.

In this private community, you’ll be free to ask your questions and request feedback as you progress through the program.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive two emails. One from my Thrivecart school with access details and one from me to welcome you inside.

You’ll maintain access to the program for as long as it lives, along with all future updates.

So once you’re in, I encourage you to dive right in because ya know… your biz isn’t going to organize itself LOL!

Yup. I’m so super passionate about helping you get organized and boost your productivity that I’m determined to make it a no-brainer for you to confidently jump right in and start seeing the results for yourself.

So I’m going to take the risk away from you. If you jump in and don’t feel equipped to level up your productivity and biz organization, send us an email at [email protected] within 7 days of your purchase to get your money back.

*Just please just don’t be that person that joins and copies all the templates before requesting the refund. We can see everything you access on our end.

But hey, I know you’re probably wondering this so..

Here’s how Level Up Your Biz with Trello stacks up to the other courses out there.

Other Programs

Don’t teach the strategy behind getting your online business organized


Provide basic templates – They help get you started but still leave it up to you to figure out what to include inside each board.


Underwhelming walkthrough tutorials – While they *sometimes* come with videos, they only show you what each board is and leave out the WHY and HOW… which is critical when creating a strategic system that works for YOU.


Lack the implementation guidance – I’m talking about getting dumped inside to learn this new Trello tool on your own without step-by-step guidance which leaves you even more overwhelmed before you jumped in.


No refund policy – Due to the digital nature, most don’t even have a guarantee meaning the risk is on you.

Level Up Your Biz with Trello

✅ Comprehensive curriculum to get your online business organized for good and level up your productivity within the week.

✅ Fully built out plug-and-play templates – Not only are you given access to detailed Trello boards, but I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of my own Trello systems to help you learn with real life examples.

✅ Thorough strategic trainings – Each unique Trello system comes with its own extensive training that deep dives into explaining the strategy behind the reason WHY the board is structured the way it is.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to easily customize each board to make it work for YOUR biz and YOUR brain. 

✅ Step-by-step tutorials – Get access to the Trello Newbie Crash Course to get you started with the basics, the Trello Tech Vault which includes over 25+ bite-sized trainings, and not to mention the step-by-step walkthroughs included in the lesson for each strategic system board.

✅ The Level Up Promise – I created this course with every intention for you to succeed, so I stand by my promise to make that happen. But if you join and still don’t feel equipped, you can get your money back.

✅ Implementation Actions Steps – To ensure you actually get through the course and craft your biz systems, each lesson comes with specific action steps to help you implement and customize each board in less than a day.

✅ Student Support – For the students like me who don’t shy away from asking questions, our private, student-only community will provide you with the additional and personalized support you need to thrive at implementing your new systems and stay productive long-term.


(Payment plan available)

“I now have more time to work on the things that drive income."

The templates were extremely thorough and covered a lot of content! The templates and the course helped me to understand how to better use Trello to create manageable systems within my business. I now have more time to work on the things that drive income because I am spending way less time trying to find things. Trello isn’t as intimidating as I thought it was. If you’re just starting to use Trello and want to know how to use it to save time planning in your business, you need this!

– Tia Parnell

This program was designed to give you a super clear path with plug-and-play Trello board templates and thorough trainings that will take you away from working in chaos to getting time back in your day.

Your precious time can be better spent with your loved ones or on value-added tasks that help you continue to grow your online biz, but without getting burnt out.

So here’s my promise to you – I’m so super passionate about helping you get organized and boost your productivity that I’m determined to make it a no-brainer for you to confidently jump right in and start seeing the results for yourself.

I take pride in the quality and value this program provides, but if you jump in and don’t feel equipped to level up your productivity and biz organization, then you deserve your money back.

After 7 days, if you haven’t found the program worth your investment, you can ask for your money back.

I created this course with every intention for you to succeed, so I stand by my promise to make that happen. Just shoot an email over to [email protected] to get your refund.

*All I ask is for you to NOT be that person that joins and copies all my strategic templates before requesting the refund. We can see that on our end.*

But okay, okay. So here’s the part where my mom face comes on and it’s time for some real-talk...

When you’re first starting out with your online biz, you were super excited about all the new possibilities.

Just thinking about all the people you could help gives you butterflies in your tummy.

But then… little by little, you started to realize that there’s wayyy more to it than you had expected.

So then you just start juggling #allthethings with no real strategy and definitely no system because by this point, you’re just trying to stay afloat.

Don’t worry, it happens to most of us (including me 🙋‍♀️).

But here’s the beauty about being your own boss…

YOU get to decide the moment you no longer want to waste your precious time on strategies that aren’t moving your business forward.

YOU get to decide to stop working in disorganized chaos that only leads to frustration, overwhelm and burnout.

And at some point, you will need to make these decisions because without strategic systems in place, you’ll continue to…

But that’s not the path I want for you.

I’ve created Level Up Your Biz with Trello to specifically help ambitious solopreneurs like you to have clear, strategic systems in place…

You know the kind that’ll give you the ability to work less while still expediting your online biz growth.

No more trying to figure out how others seem to manage #allthethings, because the secret lies in their organization and productivity.

And that’s what this program is meant to help you unlock.

I know your goal is to become more efficient and find a way to successfully run your online biz, even though you’re not quite to the point where you can hire out for help.

I want you to know that it’s definitely possible and you CAN achieve your goal… but to get there quicker without the overwhelm, you’ll need strategic systems.

laurie jonas

"I feel better about what I have to offer having everything in one place, and I know what I can repurpose."

I love getting new ideas on how to organize all of the info that goes into having a blog and online business. I was doing weekly planning on Trello before, but I love the design of your layout. I switched over and it is keeping me more organized than my paper planner, which I never thought I would give up! I have my whole summer schedule ready on individual cards ready to move over to their respective weeks. Lucy does a great job of explaining how each board works and has thought of everything when it comes to organizing your online business.

– Laurie Jonas

Level Up Your Biz with Trello is your solution to getting your biz organized and learning strategic, yet flexible planning methods that’ll level up your productivity.

It provides you with all the resources and trainings you need to start getting time back in your day within the week.

However… this special invitation to join with the additional bonuses will go away soon.

So are you ready to stop working in chaos and actually get to celebrate the tasks you accomplish daily?

I know so, and you got this!

But hey – before you go, there’s one thing I want you to take with you…

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.

The possibilities are endless when you’re more intentional with your time. By being productive instead of “busy”, you’re choosing to focus on things that matter the most and that will bring you the best value.

I’ve truly over-delivered and poured everything I could into Level Up Your Biz with Trello to help you get the time back in your day that you deserve. Family is the most important thing to me and is the reason why I do this myself.

So I know first hand how much it would mean to you to be able to experience the feeling of impacting lives, while growing your business and without sacrificing more time away from your loved ones.

And while I’d love to be the one to help guide you through this journey, know that I’m going to be rooting for you from rooftops no matter what.

But since this offer will be going away soon, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for your enrollment so that I can personally welcome you inside our community.

I’m cheering to you, your success and your productivity! 

<3 Lucy

Level Up Your Biz with Trello is not associated, sponsored or affiliated with Trello.