Hey overwhelmed solopreneur Trello users…

Efficient and streamlined systems = bigger profits 💰

You can maximize your earnings, get tasks done faster while saving 7+ hours a week.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If any of these had you nodding your head, keep reading because experiencing these is a HUGE problem and here’s why…

Poor task management is costing you time and money.

Here’s why:


Feeling overwhelmed with disorganized (or no) workflows impacts the amount of focus and motivation available to get tasks done.

When this happens, you’re increasing the overall cost of that task which cuts into your profits.

And remember…


By getting more done in less time, you decrease your operational costs which means more money in your pocket. Cha-ching!

I’ve got the perfect solution for you!

You need easy, inexpensive, and uncomplicated task management systems that give you control of your time, focus and energy.


Your fast track towards organizing your online business with game-changing, strategic task management systems and leveraging tools like Trello to get things done faster, better.

Welcome to the

Systems Savvy Society

The ultimate membership for solopreneurs who (want to) use Trello and other tools to level up their systems, maximize their time and create more flexibility, freedom and focus in their business.


Cancel anytime!


⭐ Best value!

It’s packed with concise, easy-to-follow courses, monthly challenges and other resources to help you organize, streamline and optimize your business operations.

Plus, you get direct access to me (Lucy) and an incredibly helpful community of online business owners to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently with your new systems.

With the Society, you’ll be able to:

All while allowing room for flexibility and a bit of spontaneity for when unexpected events or opportunities arise.


With the Systems Savvy Society, you’ll get monthly guided action and support to effortlessly streamline your task management systems.

Cheers to Action Week

Each month, we’ll dive into a new training with a system template—whether it’s a Trello board, spreadsheet, or another tool—and focus on implementing it throughout the week.

With daily prompts, community engagement and accountability, you’ll be motivated to complete specific challenge action steps for a chance to win exciting prizes!

➡️ By the end of the week, you’ll have a custom-fit system template perfectly aligned with your business needs. 🎉

Systems Implementation & Feedback Call

Take your systems to the next level with these live sessions that combine focused coworking sprints with interactive Q&A, giving you the chance to fine-tune your systems in real-time.

Share your screen, get personalized feedback and inspiration with how to enhance your Trello boards and more.

➡️ You’ll leave each call with clear, actionable steps to streamline your workflows and boost efficiency right away. 📈

Office Hours

Get personalized, real-time support with our monthly Office Hours where you can direct message with me 1:1 via Voxer or Heartbeat to get answers to your burning questions, brainstorm ideas, and receive strategic advice tailored just for you.

➡️ This is your chance to get unstuck, gain clarity and make confident decisions for your business systems.

Coworking Room

Work alongside like-minded solopreneurs inside this virtual, dedicated space to hold each other accountable and get your systems created.

➡️ Monthly sessions bring us together to set intentions, connect, GET WORK DONE and share our wins.

Community Support

Get support inside our vibrant community where you can ask questions anytime, share your progress and get valuable feedback from both me and your peers.

➡️ This means you’ll never feel stuck or alone in your journey to create efficient and streamlined systems for your business.

But we're just getting started. 👏🏼

In addition to the live support and community, you’ll also have all the trainings and resources to help you go from messy to systems savvy.

The 3 Phases to Systems Savvy Success:


Phase 1: Strategy & Foundation

Assess your current systems, understand the overall organization strategy, and dive into the foundational knowledge needed to create effective task management systems.


Phase 2: Implementation & Action

Create powerful systems and CEO-level organization techniques. You’ll master effective task management systems, set up efficient workflows and other processes to help you see real results.


Phase 3: Optimization & Growth

Take your systems to the next level with advanced strategies to help you maintain and refine your systems, ensuring they always work for you, along with quick wins and easy-to-implement tutorials.

With this 3-phase journey, you'll lay a rock-solid foundation, implement game-changing systems, and optimize your processes for peak efficiency, less overwhelm and time back!

The Savvy Courses & Content

Like I said before, this is your go-to membership for creating and streamlining task management systems, workflows, and processes. We’ve got everything you need to maximize earnings, get tasks done faster, and save 7+ hours a week—quickly and easily.

Click each title tab below to learn more about each course or resource available inside the Society. 


Cancel anytime!


⭐ Best value!

Join Annual to Unlock These Bonuses – for free!

Mini Trello Systems Audit

Show me your Trello workspace and I’ll identify areas for improvement and provide feedback on how to optimize YOUR organization and create even more effective systems in Trello. 

And in case you don’t know, they call me the Trello Queen. 👑

Voxer Strategy Session

Get private 1:1 coaching and support from me where you’ll have access to pick my brain, ask me any questions and bring your most profitable ideas to life! 

After this 2-hour session, you’ll have more clarity, determination and next best steps towards reaching your business goals.

Reg. $197

Discount on Services

As an annual member, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to book private sessions at a discounted rate. This includes Voxer Strategy Sessions and VIP Day Intensives. 🎉



What past students are saying about my system trainings…

Just in case we haven't met...

Heyyy, I’m Lucy! 👋🏼

I’m obsessed with all things organization and I help online entrepreneurs like you make the most out of their little time when scaling their online business.

Being a business owner means we have A LOT on our plates (and our to-do list), and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be playing Mario Party mini games with the fam than having to go back to do forgotten tasks or not being able to finish my tasks at all. 😅

Thankfully, I overcame the “I don’t have time to get organized” struggle and crafted an incredible, strategic system strategy that allows me to be mindfully present with my kids. I now do what I want, when I want, while juggling my multi-online businesses (did I mention I have two?). 

And I want to help you do the same!

That’s why I’ve bottled up everything I know about getting organized using strategic systems inside the Systems Savvy Society, so that you can achieve your business goals in less time and without the overwhelm too.

Have a question? Let’s get you an answer!

*Almost* everything. 🤩 Once you join, you’ll receive an invitation to join the community which is hosted inside of Heartbeat.

Once inside, you’ll find the Systems Savvy Formula and the Trello Savvy courses, the Trello Tech Vault and Mini Optimizers. 

Spreadsheet Savvy and Savvy Guests will be coming soon. But don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of information to get your systems started.

If you’re ready to commit to implementing strategic systems in your business to help you work more efficiently and get more in less time, then yes.

Totally. As a Productivity Strategist, I strongly believe that our time is precious. I’m a mama of two, running two online businesses so I know first hand how limited our time is. 

That’s exactly why I created the Systems Savvy Society. The whole goal of this membership is to give you back time, starting with your first month inside. 

In order to make that possible, I recommend starting with 30-60 minutes a week. Once you’ve learned the core strategies, you’ll only need to implement the monthly task. 😉

Don’t worry – I’ll provide you with a clear path of where to start, and which lessons to start with first. From there, you get to pick and choose what you want to implement in your business each month.

You’ll have access to the membership resources as long as you’re a member.

As a member of the Systems Savvy Society, you’ll be welcomed into our members-only community – The Productive Lounge where you can ask questions, find networking opportunities and accountability buddies.

We’ll also have monthly Q&A support where you can chat with me, a Coworking Room to get work done and a Monthly Systems Implementation Call to brainstorm systems for your next project together.

The strategies taught inside the Systems Savvy Formula Course don’t require any specific tech and can be implemented with whichever project management tool you’re currently using.

The other Savvy Courses (Trello, Spreadsheets and Guests Savvy) will teach based on those specific tools. 

The Mini Optimizers may include teaching a specific platform or tool, but the concept will be the same across most similar platforms.

Nope! There are other tools and platforms covered to help you streamline your processes, but Trello will be the primary project management tool we focus on.

Other tools include: Google Sheets, Airtable and more coming soon.

The core content and community of the membership are hosted inside of the Heartbeat platform. This allows us to have more customization over the community organization and features available to all members. 

Don’t worry – we’ll have tutorials to get you set up with ease on both desktop and the mobile app.

Yes, you can cancel the membership any time and will go into effect for the next billing period.

You’ll have access to the ‘cancel’ button at all times so that you can easily leave anytime. No need to send me an email and then anxiously wait for us to get to it and cancel on time. Nope. You’ll have full control of your account.

Yup. If you jump in and don’t feel equipped to make gradual improvements on your productivity, send us an email within 7 days of your purchase to get your money back.

No problem. Send me a message via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner with your question for the quickest reply.

Ready to maximize your little time and skyrocket your results with more flexibility, freedom and focus?

Choose the plan that works for you:



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